Elisa Dejde is one of the most talented and ambitious people I know, a fantastic partner for any company looking to grow and expand their brand. She is an expert in positioning and brand strategy, which makes her the perfect candidate for any company looking to grow. Her work has taught me that any brand can become successful if it is backed by smart marketing and top positioning!

Tiago Pöx @zionstudios | Marketing & Creative Agency
I´ve worked together with Tiago from Zionnstudios together for creative video support at multiple marketing campaigns.

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Philippe Layani | Digital Creative & Art Director
Since 2020 we’ve worked together on multiple projects and different companies.

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What I like most about working with Elisa is her solution-oriented, uncomplicated and fast way of working. Elisa's strengths are her performance marketing affinity as well as her practical hands-on mentality and creative work. She is an absolute team player and can empathize with her colleagues. It is a pleasure to work with her and I am looking forward to the next jobs together!

She is an awesome marketing allrounder that combines creative campaigns with analytical mind. Because of her experience and personality it was always easy to integrate Elisa into an existing team and structure. She is a fast learner with a fine sense for the target audience.

Dominik Kümmel | Marketing Lead & Startup Expert
Since 2018 we’ve worked together on multiple projects and different companies.

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