Frequently asked questions

Online marketing describes a company’s strategy for advertising in online media. This is how the term performance marketing was coined: Since all activities take place exclusively online, they can also almost always be measured. If the online marketing activities are optimally aligned on the basis of the measured values, this is referred to as performance marketing.

There are several factors that influence my hourly rate. It depends on the time spent and capacity, the tasks and responsibilities and the remote or on site presence. This varies the fee between 95 € and 150 € per hour.
(applies to Germany, not to other countries)

As an example:
Executive Work: 95 – 105 € per hour / 760 – 840 € per day
Project Management: 110 – 125 € per hour / 880 – 1.000 € per day
Consulting / Team Leading: 130 – 150 € per hour / 1.040 – 1.200 € per day

In case you need a more comprehensive support, a sweat equity share might be the more sensible solution for your company.

Let’s just talk how I can support you and your project best.

Usually, I am available within 2 or 3 weeks. This has the advantage for my customers that they can quickly move forward with their project without having to initiate larger, internal processes.

I learned the craft of online marketing as an employee in two Berlin startups. After that I started my own business and since then I have supported mainly Startups, but also medium-sized companies as well as DAX corporations in their marketing activities. You can find some of my clients on my website.

Besides my main focus on Google Ads, I also implement CRM activities and manage both Paid Social (Facebook) and Native Advertising platforms. This allows me to bring a very holistic approach to online marketing that can be tailored to specific products.